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Features of a Zonkey Council Website

Let us talk you through some of our functionality

We continually improve our Council Website theme to add functionality that benefits all our clients, and make our website package the most comprehensive available.

Council-Specific Functionality

  • Add Councillors
    Creating individual pages for councillors, showing statutory information
  • Add Staff Members
    Create profiles for other council staff members
  • Create a Meeting Calendar
    Show a Calendar of Forthcoming Meetings
  • Upload Minutes, Agendas and Documents
    Upload a range of documents, all of which become searchable on the site
  • Events Calendar
    Two options for displaying events, including user-submitted community events
  • Business Directory
    Include a directory of local services and businesses
  • Sell Tickets
    Use our events calendar integration to sell online tickets for events
  • Google Maps
    Integrate Google Maps with your content pages or your business directory

Content Management

  • WordPress Page Builder
    A state-of-the-art WordPress theme with the latest Gutenberg page builder
  • Responsive Design
    Responsive design to work across desktops, tablets and mobile phones
  • News Posts
    Upload news stories and press releases to a dedicated news section
  • Secure Dashboard
    Secure dashboard for you and your team to manage all aspects of site content
  • Audit Trail
    Audit trail of all user activity on the site
  • Site Search Functionality
    Analytics of all text searches across the site to review user-requested content

WCAG Accessibility

  • Compliance
    WCAG 2.1 and 2.2 compliance built in
  • Training
    Training for your whole team to comply with WCAG accessibility requirements
  • Accessibility Statements
    Creation and publication of accessibility statement
  • Advice & Guidance
    Guidance on how to embrace accessibility
  • Accessibility Testing
    Package options include regular accessibility testing for your site
  • Regular Scanning
    Regular scanning of your site to ensure compliance over time

Secure UK Web Hosting

  • UK Based Servers
    Ensure all your data stays GDPR compliant within the UK
  • Firewall Protection
    Multiple layers of protection for your site
  • Malware Scanning
    Malware and virus scanning of your entire site, protecting you from hacking attempts
  • Twice-Daily Backups
    Twice daily backups of your entire site, stored for a minimum of 30 days
  • DDos Protection
    Secure your site from malicious attacks
  • 24/7 Site Monitoring
    24/7 monitoring of your site, with 100% uptime (based on data from previous 90 days)

Analytics & SEO

  • Google Analytics GA4
    Integration with the latest Google Analytics software to track site visitors
  • Google Search Console
    Registration of your site with Google Search Console to monitor site indexing
  • XML Sitemap
    Creation of an XML sitemap to detail all of your content
  • SEO Optimised
    Content is optimised for search engines, so your visitors can find the information they need

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